The Basketball Physio was developed in 2014 by Physiotherapists Dean Little and David Taylor who share a passion for injury prevention and sports performance. This passion took Dean and David to the United States of America for 6 months to enhance their knowledge and protocols. They joined Stanford’s Sports Medicine Department and were privileged to spend time with the Golden State Warriors. Dean and David had the opportunity to share knowledge and work alongside some of the world’s leading practitioners and Olympic, NFL, NBA and MLS athletes.

 Now back home in Melbourne, the boys wish to provide a World-Class service to basketballers of all levels.

Through collaboration with your Basketball and Strength and Conditioning Coaches Dean and David aim to provide the best level of care and advice to players of all ages and abilities. Dean and David provide a no-nonsense, goal directed approach and work with you and your team. They aim to improve performance to reduce injury risk and rehabilitate current issues.

The Basketball Physio provides;

  • Hands on injury management.
  •  Advice for self-management of injuries.
  •  Rehabilitation programs: strength, range of motion, muscle length, balance and proprioception.
  •  Injury Screening.
  •  Risk-factor screening.
  •  Prevention programs to reduce injury risk.
  •  Performance testing (Combine style).
  •  Guidance on specific and tailored Strength and Conditioning programs and appropriate referral.
  •  Guidance on specific and tailored Basketball skills coaching programs and appropriate referral.
  •  Pre-collegiate Medical examinations.
  •  Strong relationships with leading specialists in the orthopaedic and sport physician faculty.

The Basketball Physio are proud to have worked with:

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