Will Conley face off with the Warriors?

Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley sat out Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals against the Golden State Warriors as he continues to recover from surgery to repair broken bones in his face.

Conley suffered a facial fracture after he was elbowed in the face during his game 3 win over Portland last Saturday. Conley underwent surgery on Monday a week ago for what was most likely an orbital fracture. These fractures compromise the eyeball and the muscles that control it. Conley will have to wait for swelling to subside and pain to reduce in order to restore full movement of his eye and sensation to the face.

Orbital blow-out fractures occur in sports when there is a direct blow to the face. The blow results in a fracture to one of the walls in the orbital rim (eye-socket). A teardrop sign is found on imaging as the blow suddenly increases intra-orbital pressure that causes a  fracture to allow for decompression.

We can’t be sure when Conley will return, however he warmed up on the court today wearing one of the increasingly popular, clear, plastic masks for protection.

With Steph Curry taking out MVP honours, and taking Game 1 on his terms, the impact Conley has for his team was noted. It’s just another story where the medical staff will be under the pump to get their players right as soon as possible, as there can be only one winner, and nobody remembers second best – with or without injuries.

Pic source = wikimedia.org


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