KD and that Foot

As we previously discussed, the road back for Kevin Durant and the Thunder staff was always going to be difficult following his Jones fracture. Ongoing soreness in his right foot pushed the team to elect for surgery to take a piece of bone, most likely from the tibia and graft over the fracture site, which essentially took them out of the Playoff race. This graft will stimulate bone growth. It is expected he will miss at least four-to-six months. Initially, Durant had a screw inserted to hold the bones together in order to allow them to unite, however this was unsuccessful despite a second surgery to optimise placement and size of the screw after it was believed to have been rubbing on the surrounding bones

KD’s story highlights the stress placed on the body in basketball and the high load repetition – 82 game seasons, which NBA players are subjected to. We look forward to seeing KD progress and will post in the future about the importance of good movement patterns to distribute load optimally.

Pic source = wikimedia.org



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